Our Golden Gloves

Creating a Climate of Kindness with The Golden Rule

As a former elementary teacher, Kathy Thomas understands the voice of children, and she has shared their important ideas through the story Our Golden Gloves. While teaching, Kathy used the Golden Rule as a credo in her classroom and encouraged her students to try to remember it each day as they interacted with one another. Read More

This book was created  by  children  for  children.   Learn more!

This book was created by children
for children. Learn more!

Learning to count and to read and to write
Is part of what children should know.
We can’t forget feelings, for they matter too,
They’re inside us wherever we go.
When learning of people in faraway places,
Their faces and names may seem strange,
But that which unites us and makes us as one,  
Are the feelings the heart can arrange.
– Kathleen McCourt Thomas